Ken Deasy

“Father Ken” Deasy is a dynamic and personable native Californian Catholic Priest known throughout the Los Angeles area as an open, energetic, humorous, compassionate, athletic, all-inclusive guy who, at the same time, loves to serve and bring an experience of joy to the inner city of Los Angeles bringing people of different faiths, lifestyles, cultures and ages into a harmonious union. With a fondness for the “lepers within our midst” his “priestly joy” lies in everything from being with imprisoned youth, gangs, community organizing, children, updating catechists and bring dignity to the basic humanness of life. Recent TV and Periodical media attention, particularly, focuses on Father Ken and his 22 years as a priest, especially when he pastured for 10 years by himself at St. Agatha Parish.

This parish has become a place where “all feel welcome” and where the parishioners are “empowered to find a joyous expression of their faith”… devoid of religious affiliation Sometimes you may even think that religion was the farthest thing from being his priority. “Catholics are famous for knowing their religion, with its appearing as a corpus of rules and restrictions, but I’m not sure ‘religious people’ can claim to have their own personal experience of God. We were taught was is sin; but do we know the joy of experiencing the love of God? Religion oftentimes brings us to where God was, rather than where God is; finding God in old way rather than in new ways”.

All in all, he is bringing new hope to those who feel exhausted by the struggles of life, neighborhood, self, religion, unemployment, etc. He is very sensitive to “those who don’t believe they are able to have a better life because of location, culture, expectations, etc.” (e.g., juveniles in jails and those who are mentally ill/homeless). Presently, Fr. Ken is the Coordinator of the Holy Childhood Association, an office of the Vatican’s Office for the Propagation of the Faith. Speaking to the young Catholic church, he believe in “kids helping kids”; i.e., teaching children to be aware of how other children in over 91 countries are dying and need their help.

Hollywood has also sought out Fr. Ken. He was a story advisor for the movie BRUCE ALMIGHTY as well as serving as mentor/advisor and “point of focus” for ABC’s Nothing Sacred while, also, being a resource for Los Angeles radio/television news-programming. In addition, he has worked with programming on the E Channel, Food Network, the History Channel and more. Most recently, he was co-hosting with Rabbi Jerry Cutler a radio move-review program… .Review from the Pew… on KTIE, AM590. His recent TV appearances have been on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show as well as Tyra Banks. Fr. Ken has a book that he is rewriting while waiting to be published called Get off the Cross–Someone Else needs the Wood: The Growin’ of a Roamin’ Catholic Priest. No Catholic publisher was found who would publish it! No secular publisher could understand it!