Our Campus

It’s not the building or the grounds that make our campus special; it is the community of students and teachers who love being here. There is a SPIRITUAL ELECTRICITY that powers our campus and most everyone feels it the moment they walk onto it.

However, there are some special features on our campus…favorite places…our students tend to enjoy and appreciate.

The Joan Payden Library

The Joan Payden Library is always a focal point for visitors and Valiants alike. When it was renovated, it was designed to be a place where students would be excited to enter. And they are!

The library houses both the high school and the elementary school book collections and offers a spacious  welcoming environment to young learners. The 45 desktop and laptop computers offer students’ opportunities to do research, edit video and take online high school and college courses. Small study areas along a bank of beautiful atrium windows provide natural light and quiet places where students can work undisturbed.

St. Genevieve Elementary School students are particular beneficiaries of the facility since there is a corner designed for guests to read to them or to watch videos together on a large screen.

Joan Payden is a great friend to our school; just visit her library and you can tell. What a great gift!

Our Gymnasium

Our gymnasium is considered by many to be more of a family room. It is one of two places on the campus large enough to house all students and staff at one time. Spirit Week during homecoming is largely spent in our gym. The rush of anticipation and excitement results in memories lasting a lifetime.

The Spirit Café

The Spirit Café is operated by Mr. Gayk (Hike). Mr. Gayk takes great pride in his menu; in fact, he does all the shopping himself. Nothing gets frozen and all meals are prepared with care and love. Not only is the adjacent dining area decorated with modern tables and chairs, the walls are painted by a talented graffiti artist highlighting places that are well-known and meaningful to our student-body.

The Valiant Athletic Field

The Valiant Athletic Field, as we call it, is home to everything from fire drills, elementary intramural soccer games, practices for many sports and powder-puff football games. Although it is not large enough to host official competitions, it is an appreciated commodity, used throughout the day, and is BEAUTIFUL!

The News and Video Production Studios

The News and Video Production Studios are located on each campus to facilitate daily or weekly broadcasts to the student body.

Sr. Clare Fitzgerald Theater

We are excited to announce the Sister Clare Fitzgerald Theater that, when completed, will be a 300-seat state-of-the-art theater that will serve our elementary and high schools.

Our faculty and staff raised the money for the naming rights in honor of our dear friend and mentor, Sister Clare Fitzgerald, a School Sister of Notre Dame S.S.N.D.  Proudly from Boston, Massachusetts, Sister Clare is one of the foremost Catholic School educators in the United States and a frequent visitor to St. Genevieve Schools. In her youth, Sister Clare faced the tough decision to pursue a career on Broadway or to enter a convent; in 2020 she celebrated her 75th Jubilee as a nun. We are honored to have our theater named after such a formidable and inspiring woman who has had an indelible influence on our schools.

Frank McHugh Performing Arts Center

Our St. Genevieve community will soon realize a long-held dream of expanding our services and possibilities for parishioners and families alike. Our new complex will house a new parish hall, adoration chapel and meeting rooms along with performing arts classrooms, a digital production studio and the Sister Clare Fitzgerald Theater.

Scheduled for completion in December of 2023, the Frank McHugh-O’Donovan Center is named in gratitude on behalf of the first foundation that awarded us a generous grant. They believed in our community and our dream when many others said it would never happen. Our entire board of directors was also steadfast in this dream and financially supported this forward-looking project. At St. Genevieve, we are always building for our future.

The College Counseling Center

The College Counseling Center may be located in a renovated convent, but it is a welcoming and comfortable place. Students look forward to meeting with their counselors and, while they wait, are welcomed by Mrs. Dizon who is always kind and helpful.

Our Locker Rooms

Our locker rooms are special, too. Since our athletes compete hard and pursue victory with honor, we provide locker rooms that are modern, clean, and most of all, respectful of privacy. There are private showers as well as bathroom stalls with full doors.

Comfortable Seating Areas

Comfortable seating areas are located throughout the campus for parents waiting for appointments or for students who simply have time to hang out with friends.

Our Church

Our church is large enough to hold all of us. Several times throughout the year the entire student body celebrates special Masses. We dress up and always look forward to praising our God with great musicians, and great music to sing that will get us all dancing.

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