Supply List & Apps 2022-23

Supply Lists

All students are required to bring all the supplies on this list prior to the start of the academic year. Drop off supplies and meet the teacher on Friday, August 5, between 8-11am.

Due to storage space:

  • Students with last names A-L will bring in the classroom items listed below at Supply Drop Off in August 2022.
  • Students with last names M-Z will bring in on January 2023.

Download the PDF below and place the listed items below in a brown paper bag with the child’s full name.

iPad Apps

Please download the following school-wide and grade specific apps to your child’s iPad. The apps are incorporated to the classroom to encourage critical thinking, communication skills, and collaborative learning among students.

School-Wide Required Apps Grades 7-8
School-Wide Band Apps
Math Apps
Formative Assessment Apps
Content Creation Apps