Curriculum Overview K-6

St. Genevieve Elementary School offers a dynamic and well-rounded education that focuses on the fundamentals, incorporates the arts and enhances learning through the use of technology.

In fact, St. Genevieve is where tradition meets technology – students apply and construct knowledge with the help of their teachers, classmates and technology. As the first Catholic School in Los Angeles to adopt the use of iPads, St. Genevieve continues to be a leader in the integration of technology in the classroom.

As students grow, the curriculum continues to challenge them to be creative problem-solvers, caring world citizens and confident learners as they apply their new skills in a supportive and nurturing environment.


Kindergarten is when children expand their love of learning about the world around them, as they hone their social skills of cooperation and interaction.

kindergarten students in class

1st Grade

Can you add and subtract with fluency? Can you write a 3-5 sentence paragraph on a single topic? St. Genevieve first graders can! Join the learning and join the fun in Grade 1!

First grade student getting help from the teachers aide

2nd Grade

Building on a strong foundation, second graders read beginning chapter books, experience faith formation events (including First Communion) and study place value. Taking field trips make second grade an exciting place to grow.

Second grade students doing class work

3rd Grade

Multiplication, multi-paragraph essays and fun hands-on science experiments capture the imagination of our third-grade students as they finish out their primary learning in an environment that helps every student feel successful.

Third graders working on their artwork

4th Grade

Welcome to St. Genevieve’s elementary program where students transition from learning to read to reading to learn. In grade four, the learning becomes more independent and complex as students discover how to multiply and divide, the history of California, and to apply their skills to identify themes and write personal narratives.

Fourth grade friends at school

5th Grade

Fifth graders explore the rich history of our country, deepen their essential knowledge of fractions and decimals, write academic papers citing evidence, and read classic novels about growing up, friendship and caring for others.

Fifth grade students exploring robots

6th Grade

The final year of elementary school, grade six provides opportunities to ensure every student has mastered fundamental learnings. This includes writing with ease and expression, understanding relevant and contemporary literature, mastering math skills that prepare them for pre-algebra work, and solidifying a moral compass that will help guide them through adolescence.

Sixth grade students learning robotics

Programs for All-Grade Levels

Faith Formation

The religion program is the ‘heart’ of St. Genevieve, and it permeates through all aspects of the parish school community. Teachers strive to weave Catholic virtues, values, moral development, and character formation within all curricular content areas. We teach our young students the importance of sharing the Gospel in daily interactions with one another and to be the face of God’s image. Students experience their faith though daily prayer, participating in mass liturgy, and receiving God’s grace through the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

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Visual & Fine Arts

The visual arts program at St. Genevieve is founded on the principle that art education should cultivate a student’s self-expression, creativity, and problem-solving skills. As students move up in grade, their exploration of different media and understanding of art history grows with them.

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Full Band / Music Program

The full music program at St. Genevieve develops a student’s knowledge and understanding of music through consistent interactions with the basic components of music through hands-on exploratory and ensemble opportunities. Integrated into the instructional schedule, music classes meet twice a week. The K-6 curriculum highlights students’ talents so they gain confidence, musicianship, and develop an overall appreciation of music.

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Physical Education

St. Genevieve believes that athletic participation serves as an important part of a student’s overall education and well-being; it is offered twice a week. Our full physical education program develops students’ motor skills and movement patterns, while stressing the importance of health and nutrition, along with the benefits of good sportsmanship. Physical activities provide opportunities for personal enjoyment, self-expression and social interactions. We believe that positive decision-making about physical fitness and wellness that begins at an elementary level contributes to a life-long healthy lifestyle.

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