We Are St. Genevieve!

Where The Trinity Meets Technology

We’re irresistible! Visitors sense a difference when they walk on our campus. Our own students and teachers love it here…and you will, too! Classes are creative, teachers are nurturing and students appreciate one another.  In today’s world, school campuses can often be unfriendly places where bullies prevail and apathy reigns; not so at St. Genevieve. Every student and every teacher is challenged to become their very best self. This doesn’t mean we don’t have our issues; every school does. However, the daily reality is one where students are encouraged to discover Jesus in their teachers and peers. Where Jesus is present, daily life is special.

Come see for yourself; you’ll be amazed.

Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom

St. Genevieve has always taken pride in its diverse approach to learning. Having students experience wonders beyond the classroom.

Fifth grade outside classroom learning

Express yourself and let your talents shine

St. Genevieve is known for its outstanding arts program.

Art group performance
The Arts & Music

Enjoy a variety of after school activities

From robotics club to chess club, homework club to taekwondo, our after-school clubs and activities help students gain extra skills for their education and future. Join a club or activity now!

Clubs & Activities
Fifth grade students exploring robots
Clubs & Activities