Fourth Grade

Language Arts

Fourth grade students will read grade-level prose with accuracy and comprehension. Our goal is to have them achieve a 4.3 – 4.5 reading level. Using writing steps, students will compose an essay/story of two paragraphs of five sentences each with an introduction, details and conclusion. They will continue to work on recognizing different parts of speech as well as punctuation. Students will also write cursive (letters Aa to Hh) with proper posture and pencil grip.


Students will master the four main operations: addition, subtraction, division, and most importantly, multiplication. Students will be drilled on times tables for accuracy along with challenging word problems. To emphasize their proficiency in the previous topics, students will apply the four operations in computing decimals and fractions. Students will also enrich their knowledge by using graphs. Math will not be complete without Geometry, where students will estimate and measure area and perimeters, draw angles and lines and illustrate different geometric shapes.

Social Studies

Students will study maps, using longitude and latitude, recognize state capitals, the regions of California and their resources, and compare California Native American tribes noting their lifestyles and contributions. Students will also evaluate the contributions of the first explorers to California.


Hands-on experiments make science classes interesting and fun. Students will state a problem, make predictions, gather data and information, and make a conclusion. There will be opportunities to integrate math and science concepts especially in regards to gathering data and information.

Science topics will reflect real world experiences such as how plants and animals adapt with their environments, electromagnetism, electricity and Earth science topics that focus on rocks, minerals, oceans, and Earth as a planet.

Faith Formation

To help students deepen their faith in God and to realize the importance of faith in their everyday lives, Religion topics will delve into the teaching of Jesus, Mary, the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, works of mercy, Sacraments, the Liturgical Year, Precepts of the Church, and Gifts of the Holy Spirit.


This year is pivotal for young musicians because lessons learned here create the foundation of the St. Genevieve instrumental music program. With guidance from the director, students are placed into one of two instrumental groups: Woodwinds (flute, clarinet, saxophone) or Brass/Percussion (trumpet, trombone, percussion) where they select an instrument to master. Students will learn the basics of putting their instrument together, reading musical notation and performance skills. Through daily instrumental practice, all players will develop the knowledge and skills related to elements of music, principles of performance, and music history and culture.


Fourth grade artists brainstorm multiple approaches to art problems to create works that are personally meaningful and reflect community cultural traditions. They continue on their artistic journey while they learn to transform two-dimensional shapes into three-dimensional forms, study proportion, weave, use positive and negative space expressively, and employ complementary colors to create contrast and emphasis.

Physical Education

We want for every Valiant to know instinctively that exercise and fitness is a necessary and vital component to their lives. Our physical fitness program challenges our students and teachers. Twice a week, the whole school spreads out for exercise; everyone participates in activities ranging from kickball, running, off-campus walking, hacky sack, break dancing, volleyball, salsa dancing or yoga.