Music Appreciation (K- Grade 3)  

Students begin their musical journey exploring their creative spirit and singing voices. In Kindergarten – 2nd grade, classmates perform and learn various languages through music from all around the world singing in (but not limited to) French, Latin, and Japanese. We explore the United States’ rich musical heritage but also dive into different cultures of the world from the Outback of Australia to the Republic of Ghana.

In this class, students create, read and notate music using a variety of musical styles ranging from the works of Tchaikovsky to musical theatre, and more. Students in the 3rd grade should expect their first wind instruments to be recorders in preparation for band.

Beginning Band (Grades 4-6)   

We pride ourselves in teaching band classes starting at the 4th grade level, where students play a variety of band instruments ranging from trumpet, flute, clarinet, saxophone, percussion and trombone. Students in beginning and advanced band classes don’t just “learn” music but experience and perform alongside their classmates.

Students in beginning and advanced band also learn more than just mastering an instrument; they begin to compose their own works of music using GarageBand and other online tools. No prior instrument experience is necessary for students in the 5th and 6th grade as they are supported in supplemental classes such as beginning band.

All three ensembles perform a variety of musical works from classical to contemporary film score at various school concerts throughout the year.

Middle School Bands (Grades 7 & 8)   

For more information about the continuity of our band/music program in middle school, visit our Middle School Clubs & Activities page.