Many of us in leadership positions as well as teaching positions at St. Genevieve are parents. We know personally those feelings and concerns that most parents have in choosing the right school for their child.

Therefore, we take our time in hiring teachers who are just right for St. Genevieve. We look for people who are likable, who love children and who will take pride in helping every child achieve their best.

Progression of Learning

Learning is intentional at St. Genevieve Elementary School. Teachers collaborate weekly to ensure students are mastering the skills they need to be successful at their grade level and beyond.

Knowing the progression expectations for each grade level helps students, parents and teachers feel confident that progress is being made. Using the latest research on child development, teachers know how skills and activities intentionally build on another to create a fluid and dynamic learning experience.

1:1 iPad Program

At St. Genevieve every student receives their own iPad as part of the school’s 1-to-1 iPad Program. Teachers are provided training on how best to integrate technology into the curriculum. Through classroom activities, assignments and more, teachers help guide students on how to appropriately utilize this now-essential tool. Our extensive use of technology is what made our transition to distance learning in 2020 easier.


St. Genevieve Elementary is a place where love and support surrounds families through good and difficult times. Throughout the year, we have multiple family gatherings which allow us to know one another and have fun together. Having a community of care around you and your family is a powerful experience that cannot be underestimated.

Holistic Education

We do our best to develop the academic, athletic and artistic aspects of all our students. And we will partner with you to develop your child’s character. Our goal is for your child not only to be a good student but, even more importantly, a good neighbor and citizen of our world.

Students holding hands in prayer

Our Buddy System

Our students love our buddy system! This arrangement teaches older students the responsibility of looking after their younger friends on campus; younger students are excited to know a special older student. This relationship forges a community where all students are connected in caring and meaningful ways. When a first grader struggles, a seventh-grade buddy might be there to help them write a complete sentence or shoot a basketball.  And, when an eighth grader gets an achievement award, you’ll see a second grader in the crowd telling all their friends, “That’s my Buddy!”

Tours Available

You’re welcome to bring your entire family in for a tour. Think about scheduling one during the school day so you and your family can see our school in action. To schedule a tour, call (818) 892-3802 and speak to someone in our admissions office.

Family taking a school tour


For students applying for 1st – 6th grades, we believe the best way to help in making this important decision is for your child to spend a day with us. We are happy to arrange for your child to attend classes here for a day and meet our students and staff personally; we are confident they will want to become a Valiant.

Crow of students in shadow days

We want your child to love school, to love learning and to love God.