Academic Counseling

Academic Counseling supports students in their academic achievements. Counselors work with students to come up with an Educational Plan for completion of graduation requirements and preparation of a rigorous schedule in pursuit of academic growth and success. Likewise, counselors work closely with students who need further support and resources to achieve their potential. Counselors also meet with parents and teachers to help identify more clearly the nature of any students’ issues.

College Counseling

College Counseling at St. Genevieve provides a comprehensive college advisory program for each incoming freshmen. Because the program is integrated into the school’s ongoing Academic Counseling program, students are continually monitored, counseled and supported to make sure they meet admission requirements of California schools of higher education as well as out-of-state institutions.

Grad posing with his family

Personal Counseling

Personal Counseling assists students who are  dealing with personal psycho/social issues, such as anger management, self-esteem, family communication and peer relationships. Students meet individually or in small groups with a counselor, usually on a weekly basis. Parental approval is required, and confidentially agreements are signed and respected. This counseling is provided through Counseling Partners of Los Angeles (CPLA).

Counseling Program Highlights

  • A College Office stocked with hundreds of college/university catalogs, and computers with internet access for online research
  • Annual trips to major college/university fairs to meet with hundreds of admissions representatives
  • Visits from many university admissions officers to St. Genevieve
  • Workshops for parents/students on paying for college through financial aid and scholarships
  • A Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) preparation course to prepare juniors to do their best on the SAT
  • PSAT taken each year in high school to build SAT preparations into standard yearly curriculum
  • Family education meetings to provide important needed information, answer parents’ questions and support thoughtful family decision-making on all issues relative to college admission
  • Direct phone and email access to a SGHS college counselor who fields questions from parents and students

Because St. Genevieve is a small school, counselors get to know each student and their families intimately. There is strong, continuous and effective communication between counselors and parents, which has proven to enhance student success and secure greater parental involvement in their children’s learning.