Performing Arts


Poise, grace, discipline, self-expression! These are all terms one thinks of when they think of dance. St. Genevieve students achieve these qualities while receiving a high-quality education in dance. Dance classes at St. Genevieve Parish Schools are run like a professional, studio dance class.

Each class incorporates a ballet and jazz-based warmup to prepare the body for the work ahead. Our students develop flexibility and strength while building a strong technical foundation. Students do not have to have prior experience to take the class, but more advanced dancers will be challenged as well.

Various dance styles are presented, including:  Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Salsa and Musical Theatre. To help promote the practical aspects of the art form, other assignments often include student choreography, dance notation, solo work, and dance video presentations. With these projects, the students not only apply what they have learned, but they are able to collaborate with other students in creating artistic pieces. This collaboration provides the students with leadership training and the experience of being part of a team.

Because the class relies heavily on performance, dance students gain skills in self-expression, communication and presentation; skills needed for their education and for life outside the dance studio. Additionally, by providing the students with opportunities to observe and try out the different dance styles, they learn to appreciate the development of dance, as well as different cultures. All these aspects of the class add up to a well-rounded education in dance that also builds the students as cultured and respectful human beings.


At St. Genevieve, we pride ourselves on being a National School of Character. One of the ways we instill character in our students is through our classes, especially those in the Arts. Drama not only introduces newer performers to the craft but allows those students with more experience to further develop their skills.

In Drama, students are exposed to various areas of performance and stage craft. Some of the areas covered are: Accessing Memories, Warming Up, Vocalization, Pantomime, Improvisation, Character Development, Monologues, Dialogues, Props, Sets, Costumes, Writing, Mask Making and Visual Arts.  Utilizing both published material and student written work, these young actors create performances that enrich their lives through exposure to the art and empathizing with the characters they portray, which helps them develop  empathy for others in real life. What better way to create strong young men and women of character than through the exploration of characters whose lives differ from their own?

Another important feature of our Drama class is the building of an ensemble and a sense of camaraderie with other classmates. Our students work together intimately to create their performances and become remarkably close to one another. Again, this quality lends itself to their personal development as they become able to successfully collaborate with others.

And finally, our students become confident performers and public speakers, often having to overcome shyness to “break out of their shells.”  Students come alive, become more communicative and reveal their true nature. Not only will new students to Drama be challenged, but so will the more advanced students, which provides a wonderful atmosphere of creativity, sharing and mutual appreciation.