Our Community

St. Genevieve offers daily encounters with the living-breathing Jesus the Christ. Anyone looking, and even those who are not, will feel a palpable sense of Christ on our campus, and that experience comes from our community.

Students come far and near to attend our school. Our faculty and staff are from all parts of our country and our world. We are united in our excitement to participate in the learning process, the constant search for truth, and our constant search for God.

A Caring Campus

Genevieve is a great part of the inspiration of our community. We all meet bullies in life, those who thrive on instilling fear. Genevieve teaches us to turn to God when we are fearful and God’s love will help us find courage when we most need it.

As a result, our St. Genevieve campus is filled with an extraordinary amount of love, courage and inspiration.

Many urban schools have used resources to add metal detectors, surveillance cameras and even armed guards. We’ve chosen a radically different path.

A teacher with two young students

At St. Genevieve, our aim is to make the school experience inclusive for all students by fortifying their hearts as well as their minds and creating a campus that values every student.

Advantage of Being a Small School

Our small environment gives our teachers, coaches and administrators availability for one-on-one attention to every student. No one gets lost on campus;  we work diligently to meet the needs of all our students as well as help them find their voices and discover their talents.

Little Angels learning on mobile devices

Our Graduates

St. Genevieve prepares students for their future by providing a quality academic and moral education, accented with artistic and athletic opportunities.

St. Genevieve graduates aren’t only ready for college, if that is the route they choose — they’re prepared for life. Most importantly, we do our level best to prepare them to be good neighbors…someone you would want to live next door.

2020 graduate on stage giving a speech

In short, St. Genevieve graduates are young men and women of character prepared to lead.

St. Genevieve Little Angels Preschool

14113 Roscoe Blvd.
Panorama City, CA 91402


St. Genevieve Elementary School

14024 Community St.
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St. Genevieve High School

13967 Roscoe Blvd.
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