St. Genevieve High School – An Adventure in Education

Discover what it means to be a Valiant.

Congratulations! You’ve discovered one of the most dynamic high schools in the nation. St. Genevieve is a Catholic, coed high school in Panorama City, in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. In addition to our avant-garde methods for teaching leadership and character, it is our DAILY REALITY that sets us apart. On a typical day, our campus is a positive energy vortex created by an atmosphere of GRATITUDE and LOVE.

Get College (and Life) Prep at SGHS

If you’re looking for a rigorous college prep program, you’ll find it at St. Genevieve. From day one, we work with you to help you achieve your academic goals. Whether that means a 4-year college or a trade you’ll be equipped to succeed.

High School Curriculum
Graduating student in car showing her diploma

Althletics and Physical Fitness Rule at St. Genevieve

Our Athletics program has something for everyone. Not into sports? We’ll have you believing in feeing better with our daily fitness activities. Whether it’s hip hop or yoga stretches, you’ll feel the difference being fit makes.

High School Athletics
SGHS football players on the field getting ready for the game

The Arts are Always Alive and Thriving

Broadway worthy plays, a spectacular dance program, jamming music and band performances. There’s no question, artistic opportunities await talent looking for a home to express themselves.

Check out our Theatre Program
The Arts