Library Rules

Listed below are the basic norms for the use of the Joan Payden School Library. Any violation of the norms may result in, but not limited to, the loss of library use privileges, Saturday detention, monetary fines and/or suspension from school up to and including expulsion.

  1. Being respectful of the Library as the common and quiet study space within the campus is always expected.
  2. All students are expected to be doing school-related work while in the Library.
  3. Always follow the directions of the Librarian or any other school Library staff member.
  4. Give the Librarian any Library item(s) that you remove from the shelves in order to help ensure that they are put back in the correct place for the benefit of fellow patrons.
  5. Be sure to always return OR renew borrowed Library items on-time.
  6. If a borrowed Library item is lost or damaged, please promptly report it to the Librarian.
  7. No Cell Phones.
  8. No Loud Noises.
  9. No Loitering (the Library is not a social hangout spot).
  10. No Vandalism.
  11. No Gaming.
  12. No Food or Drinks (including water).
  13. No Markers / Pens may be used on sofas.
  14. Putting one’s feet up on any surface (chairs, tables, sofas, etc.) within the Library is not permitted.
  15. Laying down (includes slouching) while on the sofas is not permitted.
  16. Sleeping / napping anywhere in the Library is not permitted.
  17. No permanent markers or any sort of paint may be used anywhere within the Library.
  18. Library computers are for school-related tasks only.
  19. Ask the Librarian for assistance when in need of:
    • signing-in to use Library computers
    • obtaining the student Wi-Fi password
    • finding certain type of books / media items
    • black & white photocopying services
    • black & white printing services
  20. While waiting to be served by the Librarian, quietly wait for your turn and make sure to not disturb other student patrons.
  21. Ask the Librarian to be assigned a seat if your business within the premises requires you to complete any sort of assessment / specialized task assigned by your other teachers.
  22. Student visitors must always have and present signed LIBRARY PASSES from their teachers if they need to use the Library during class time for whatever reason(s).

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