Clubs & Activities

Altar Serving

Open year-round to boys and girls.

Young ladies altar serving during mass


Open year-round to boys and girls.


Middle School (MS) Choir teaches beginning and advanced singers who are seeking to develop their singing voice to the highest caliber before entering high school. Students are expected to perform alongside the HS Concert Choir and develop their own unique style of singing in duets and solos during performances. Students will also focus on repertoire ranges from liturgical music to contemporary pop songs while also studying the fundamentals of music composition and song writing.

The MS Choir perform at the Ronald Reagan Library, school concerts, liturgies, and various community events throughout the year.


Runs August through April, open to boys and girls.

Jazz Band

Jazz band is open to advanced instrumentalist by audition only in grades 6-8. Students in this group are expected to perform at the highest caliber of instrumental performance before reaching high school. Students learn skills in jazz improvisation, composition, sight-reading, and jazz performance. Students are held with a higher accountability and leadership role as they are expected to lead sectionals, practice frequently, and play with a variety of styles and musical expression.

Jazz Band performs at various school concerts, community events, and more throughout the year.

Liturgical Dance

Open year-round to boys and girls.

Musical Presentations

Presentations happen in the fall and spring, open to all in grades 2-8. Tryouts are required.

Symphonic Band

Symphonic band students are one of two performing band ensembles in the 7th and 8th grade. No prior instrument experience is necessary for students in Symphonic Band as they are supported in supplemental classes such as beginning band. Students should expect to learn skills far beyond “playing the notes” with exploratory lessons ranging from music composition through Garageband and music history, classical to present day.

Symphonic band performs various works ranging from classical works of Beethoven to contemporary movie scores at various school concerts, community events, and more throughout the year.