Visual & Fine Arts

Students take a close look at artworks across history, from the ancient world to today’s most influential creators. Examining the socio-cultural context of artworks through the lens of history gives students a deeper and richer understanding of the power of art and artists. These diverse works inspire students, liberating their imaginations to think and create in exciting new ways using a range of media.

Exploration of Different Mediums

During the school year, depending on grade level, students could explore printmaking, sculpture, watercolor, acrylic, drawing, charcoal, collage, digital art, found object repurposing, portraiture, landscape, photography, and many other forms of artistic expression.


National Core Art Standards

St. Genevieve’s curriculum adheres to the California adopted National Core Art Standards. Many careers are increasingly dependent on creative skill sets such as innovation, critical thinking, and collaborative team-based problem solving and project work. Our program is committed to helping students attain these skills, while unleashing their artistic potential and unique talents.

Recognition and Honors

In two out of the last three years, two of our Valiant artists have earned state champion honors in the Knights of Columbus annual Christmas art competition. Every year, our students display their works at the prestigious Creativity Summit in Van Nuys. The school year culminates in a spring art show celebrating the talent and skill of our striving artists.

“Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else.”
— Sydney Gurewitz Clemens, educator and author