Third Grade

Third grade is a formative year where students delve into new concepts across the curriculum.

Language Arts

Students will work with a variety of English/grammar skills including parts of speech such as nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Students will learn the writing process and will improve their writing skills. Students will know how to form two to three paragraph papers. Students will explore various types of writing including friendly letters and research reports. Students will learn about poetry and practice composing various types of poetry. Students will improve their reading comprehension and vocabulary by reading a variety of stories in the classrooms. Students will be introduced to cursive writing.


A critical year in the math curriculum, third graders will develop an understanding of multiplication and division along with strategies for multiplication and division within 100. In addition to gaining these newly acquired math skills, students will build on previously taught math concepts: place value, time, money, measurement, word problems and basic fractions. They will also acquire a basic knowledge of Geometry including solving for area, perimeter and volume and identifying shapes and solid figures.

Science and Social Studies

This year, students will explore the scientific method. They will learn about health and the human body, as well as the life cycle and functions of various plants and animals. They will discover how various organisms adapt to their habitats and relate to one another as parts of food chains and food webs. Students will also gain a basic knowledge of Earth science as they study natural disasters, weather and our solar system.

In Social Studies, students will navigate the journeys of early Americans, focusing on Native Americans and early explorers.

Faith Formation

Students will learn about the life of Jesus, the early church, the different kinds of prayer, and the seven Sacraments. They will understand the importance of each part of Mass and will continue to build on a strong Catholic faith.


Third graders are ready for performances by playing on recorders, xylophones and independent singing. Students will have many opportunities to choreograph and create imaginative movements to interpret musical excerpts from classical works and music around the world. By the conclusion of third grade, musicians will be able to read and write in musical notation as they prepare for band.


Third grade artists create personally satisfying artwork using a variety of artistic processes and materials. They dive deeper into the elements of art, explore creative ideas in a sketchbook, mix colors to create tints and shades, use rhythm and movement in a printing process, and paint a landscape. Artists connect with their surroundings to create art that expresses personal ideas and feelings.

Physical Education

We want for every Valiant to know instinctively that exercise and fitness is a necessary and vital component to their lives. Our physical fitness program challenges our students and teachers. Twice a week, the whole school spreads out for exercise; everyone participates in activities ranging from kickball, running, off-campus walking, hacky sack, break dancing, volleyball, salsa dancing or yoga.