An Exceptional Place for Learning

St. Genevieve prepares students for their future by providing a quality academic and moral education. As a small school, our teachers, coaches, and administrators give one-on-one attention to every student. No one gets lost on campus; no one falls through the cracks in our classes. Students become part of a student body that pursues academic rigor together in a meaningful learning environment.

Talented, Passionate Teachers

The staff of St. Genevieve is quite simply unmatched by others. Our team is comprised of talented, dedicated men and women who work long past the school bell to ensure each student reaches their potential.  Teachers encourage students as needed, present curriculum in an engaging format and reach out to parents when necessary.

A Rigorous College Preparatory Program

St. Genevieve graduates have all met the A-G requirements making them eligible to apply to any UC or CSU for college admissions. Our rigorous college prep program encourages real-life application through the construction of knowledge. St. Genevieve offers a collaborative, supportive environment that meet students where they are, and encourages them to take risks while achieving their full academic potential.

St. Genevieve graduates must complete 275 credits for graduation.

PDF Download: Graduation Requirements

Young lady studying for the placement test

Advanced Placement Credit and Honors

Students have the opportunity to challenge themselves in areas of particular aptitude and passion by enrolling in numerous Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Students spend the year in AP classes preparing for a college-level exam in May.  Successful mastery of the content material, as demonstrated on the exam, earns a student college credit while in high school!

PDF Download: AP and Honors courses currently offered.

Standout Educational Offerings

Advanced Sequencing in Math and Science

Students interested in pursuing math and science will find themselves with a plethora of course offerings designed to push their conceptual understanding of the complexity and application of these two disciplines.

Our advance math academy covers five years of math curriculum in four, concluding their journey at second year Calculus B/C. An optional sixth year of math is available for students as requested.

Our science program challenges students with the basics of Honors Biology and Chemistry in their first two years and opens up in their junior and senior year to include intensive, college level courses in Physics, Biology and Environmental Science. Students interested in the medical field are encouraged to take Anatomy and Physiology to gain a fundamental understanding of the human body.

Dual Enrollment Program

In their junior and senior year, students who have demonstrated a commitment to continuing their education may qualify to take classes at Los Angeles Valley College. This program provides enriching coursework for students where they can simultaneously earn both college credit and high school credit. While courses are taught by Los Angeles Valley College professors, they are limited to only St. Genevieve students.

Travel Learning Opportunities

St. Genevieve works to develop global citizens and offers guided and supervised tours to Mandarin and Spanish speaking countries each year. As the first Catholic School in Los Angeles to offer Mandarin as a World Language, our students apply their skills during a yearly trip to China. Students enrolled in Spanish are invited to attend a yearly trip to a Spanish-speaking country with rotating destinations. Past trips have included Costa Rica, Panama and Spain.  All trips are supervised by St. Genevieve faculty and staff.

Morality & Leadership Building

Educating For Character

Our nationally recognized program is unique and robust. We believe that practicing and educating character is the job of every member of the community. We believe that Character Education is simply the most important component of the academic experience.

Adventure in Leadership

This academy approach blends motivation, modeling, teaching, training and hands-on, out-of-the-classroom experiences to inspire students into leadership roles.