Second Grade

Second grade is an incredible adventure, filled with wonderful activities and experiences with friends.

Using our online Scholastic Newsletter, we enrich our programs to introduce and challenge students to create, invent and explore the world around and beyond them in order to serve those in need.

Second graders will prepare for and receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist. In addition to attending mass every Friday, our students are required to know proper Mass responses and prayers.

Language Arts

Our school’s Language Arts program consists of helping students reach the standard level of reading 117 words per minute by the end of second grade. Students achieve this goal by learning the diphthongs, blending sounds, short/long vowels, and word ending spelling patterns. Students are encouraged to continue to comprehend  and use all 220 sight words properly.

Through our reading program, our students become familiar with different genres of literature and are able to identify the difference between fiction and non-fiction. By the end of second grade students will write a full and complete paragraph, including an introduction, three complete sentences, and a closing sentence; they will also understand the proper parts of speech.


Our Math program stimulates our students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers. Students become familiar with proper math signs in order to formulate basic math sentences. Through the use of classroom manipulatives, students learn place value up to 1,000, counting money, telling time, reading graphs, as well as understanding measurement, geometric shapes, and fractions. Students come away knowing how to add and subtract single, double and three-digit problems. Our second grade programs create a positive view toward learning which sets the stage for a successful school experience.

Faith Formation

Students have many opportunities to nurture their faith, share Christ’s love, and give back to our brothers and sisters. We donate food and clothing to local shelters, share our Hollywood Bowl picnic with the Midnight Mission, give to other kids through various toy drives, and participate in Adopt-a-Family during Christmas times. During Advent, we write holiday cards to those who are lonely.


Our second graders are exposed to great classical works and songs from various musical styles and genres around the world. Our young musicians develop collaborative skills working together through singing and playing with a group using various types of harmony. Students also build independence as they create their own musical ideas through composing and performing for their classmates on Orff-Schulwerk instruments.


Second grade artists explore personal interests and questions along with their curiosity, utilizing various materials and tools as they design and create art. They continue their study of the elements of art, learning about printmaking techniques and symmetry. They learn to use color expressively, with watercolor, tempera and pastels. Second grade artists create works of art that reflect events in their homes, school or community life.

Physical Education

Providing students with a variety of enrichment experiences through field trips help students develop not only academically, but also culturally. Real-life learning is occurring as students see things from outside of their bubble. Exposure to general knowledge about the world increases a student’s tolerance and empathy, helping them to see themselves as part of a bigger world outside of the walls of their classroom.