Visual & Digital Arts

St. Genevieve prides itself in being one of the most sought-after schools in terms of its theatre department and arts curriculum. For those who are interested in a career in the motion picture/television industry or who are simply curious about how movies and television shows are made, our Digital Video Production course is a must!

Art Classes

St. Genevieve is excited to partner with LA Valley College to offer our students a dynamic opportunity to study Art by taking a course taught by a LA Valley College instructor. It’s a great experience to learn from someone working in the field.

One class that is available to our students is Art 201 which is a beginning level drawing course that surveys the fundamentals of drafting techniques and methods, design principles, and black and white composition. The primary focus of this course is how observation and visual scrutiny are critical to the ability to draw. Course projects will be based on drawing from life and applying principles of light logic, linear perspective, and atmospheric perspective in order to create the illusion of three-dimensional space on a flat surface. Practices in rendering basic forms in various expressive methods and media will be explored.

“In art class we’ve been learning gesture drawing, drawing from observation vs. from memory, and negative space drawing. When I first heard we’d have to show our artwork, I was a bit nervous. The professor provides a comfortable atmosphere where we give helpful feedback to each other’s artwork in a respectful manner.”
— Emma A.

Digital Video Production

Digital Video Production is an introductory class that provides students with the creative, artistic, technical and historical background for the film, video and broadcasting industries. This class introduces students to various essential production elements which include videography, lighting and editing concepts. Key ideas about the three main stages of film/video project development (pre-production, production and post production) are also taught. Students explore the stylistic and narrative elements of screenwriting, directing and editing choices.

This yearlong elective course teaches students the basics of camera functions, video editing, photography and the general process of filmmaking. Students work individually and in groups  to write, shoot, and edit their own video projects; some projects have been entered in student film festivals, featured on the school website or played during special events.

Students who achieve competency in this production course should be well-prepared to enter a film or broadcast journalism class at the college level.