College Readiness Overview

At St. Genevieve,  we start preparing students for college the moment they step foot on campus. The focus is to best prepare all students with the tools and mindset necessary to achieve their academic goals. This entails developing an academic plan for each student in their freshman year. The plan gives them the path to start pursuing their dreams of attending one of the best colleges or universities in the country.  Our academic counselors know that each student has a different academic journey; they work to create individualized plans to help students work toward achieving their academic goals.

Planning Nights

College planning nights are opportunities for families from each grade level to attend information sessions outlining the needs of specific grade levels. The focus is on preparing the pathway for college. Visit our Planning Nights page to learn more.

Financial Aid

Paying for and affording college can seem complicated. Please review the resources available to help discover ways to make college more affordable, such as FAFSA, CADA and CSS Profile. visit our College Financial Aid page for more information.


Recommendation Letters

Letters of recommendation are an important piece of the college application process and allows teachers to showcase each student as an individual. More information can be found out or Recommendation Letters page.

Scholarships & Resources

Scholarships are one way to help make college more attainable. Please review our Scholarships & Resources page to discover ways to make college more affordable.

College Timelines and Checklists

9th Grade College Checklist

Students should begin preparation for college as early as freshman year!

  • Take as many honors courses as possible — start off on the right foot!
  • Earn “A”s so that you can take honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses next year.
  • Visit Cal State. Apply and begin your student planner on Cal State’s website. This provides information on the admissions requirements (courses you need to take and grades).
  • Participate in extracurricular activities that you will continue throughout high school. Join activities that you will enjoy and be passionate about.
  • Begin researching careers and colleges that interest you.

The Federal Student Aid (Department of Education) website provides a checklist for the freshman year.

Additional Freshman College Prep Checklist (PDF download)

10th Grade College Checklist

Continue on the right path!

  • Take honors and advanced placement courses.
  • Grades this year are very important for colleges, so do well!
  • Continue participating in extracurricular activities — clubs, sports, band, choir, musicals, etc.
  • Continue researching careers and colleges (consider visiting colleges)

The Federal Student Aid (Department of Education) website provides a checklist for the sophomore year.

Additional Sophomore College Prep Checklist (PDF Download)

11th Grade College Checklist

Considered the most important year for college preparation!

  • Contact the College Counselor to set up a Family College Planning Meeting. Spring 2021- Family College Planning Appointment – Juniors
  • Need to get the best grades possible!  The grades from this year will be the last ones included in college applications. Do well!
  • Continue taking honors and AP courses. Push yourself!
  • Sign-up for the SAT Preparation course provided by SGHS.
  • Take the SAT in May and/or June. You must register at the sat.collegeboard website. Students interested in selective universities or in a technical major (i.e. engineering) should consider taking the SAT Subject Test as well.  For more information about the SAT Subject Test, speak with Mr. Bencomo
  • Visit colleges.
  • Consider getting an internship or shadowing a professional in the career field you are interested in.
  • Create a Brag Sheet (see the counseling office for templates and guides).
  • Know which colleges you will apply to next year.

The Federal Student Aid (Department of Education) website provides a checklist for the junior year.

Additional Junior College Prep Checklist (PDF Download)

12th Grade College Checklist

Time to apply!!

  • Finalize your list of colleges.
  • Visit remaining colleges on your list.
  • Decide if Early Decision or Early Action is right for you. Check out the benefits and drawbacks of applying early.
  • Attend a workshop series provided by SGHS that focuses on the completion of the University of California applications, California State University applications, and the Common Application.
  • Apply to your colleges!
  • UC Applications
  • CSU Applications
  • Numerous private universities can be found on Common App and CollegeNET.
  • Fill out your FAFSA!! Applications open October 1st and priority deadline is March 2nd
  • Submit your Intent to Register by May 1st!

The Federal Student Aid (Department of Education) website provides a checklist for the senior year.

Additional Senior College Prep Checklist (PDF Download)