Why St. Genevieve?

High School is a time in a person’s life that can either be amazing or miserable. Four years of high school can fly by, or it can seem like a life sentence in prison.

The leadership at St. Genevieve recognizes high school is a crucial time in a young person’s life. It is our belief that you will learn and grow more in a setting that is friendly and peaceful, an environment in which you are encouraged to be yourself, as well as being in an environment that helps you discover who God intends you to become.

The Social Media Age vs. The Art of Being Real

In this age where social media often tempts us to create online personalities and online lives that are “curated,” at St. Genevieve we do our best to create a daily reality that encourages you to be yourself, to be grateful for the little things and to say out loud: “I LOVE MY LIFE” and really mean it.

We’re Tight

At St. Genevieve our close-knit sense of family, faith and community makes us unique. Our school aims to make you feel right at home — whether you are are a 7th grader entering middle school or an incoming freshman or a transferring senior.

Our Top Ten Reasons To Attend SGHS

  1. We are more than a school; we are a great community who consider each other to be family members.
  2. We take pride in our environment that encourages you to be who you are.
  3. Our teachers are caring, challenging and some of them are even funny.
  4. Our academic program will prepare you for college and, more importantly, for a life beyond college.
  5. We nurture your spirit — the very core of your existence, of who you are.
  6. We help you discover your talents.
  7. We develop the leader within you.
  8. We help you realize your dreams.
  9. We make learning an adventure.
  10. We offer financial assistance and work with every family to make private education affordable.

Bring Your Family for a Tour

St. Genevieve’s “Valiant Spirit” is not something you can explain, but you can experience it by a simple visit. You’ll see firsthand what the school is all about. We’re betting you’ll remark, “Is this place real?”

Call us for an appointment: (818) 894-6417 x103.