8th Grade Gratitude Video Info

We have always had a tradition at St. Genevieve where students are given an opportunity to express their gratitude towards their family, friends, and teachers, who helped and supported them throughout their elementary and middle school years. This year we are doing this through a short video that we will play during the graduation ceremony.

Your video is due MONDAY, MAY 1

Below are a few questions you may have and where you can watch last year’s videos for a reference. Please read them carefully and follow them. It will help the final video look and sound better.

Thank you!

What should I wear?
You should be wearing your graduation cap and gown or a formal look:

  • Boys – long dress pants, button down long-sleeve and tie
  • Girls – dress or fancy outfit

How long should it be?

  • 20 – 30 seconds

How should I record the video?

  • You should record yourself with your phone or iPad.
  • If recording with a phone or iPad, please record widescreen. (Phone or iPad sideways/horizontal)
  • Please find a quiet space to record and an appropriate background. (PLEASE DO NOT RECORD OUTSIDE)
  • Please speak up and project your voice while recording.

Where should they send the videos once they are completed?
Once recordings are completed please use the link below to upload to the OneDrive folder.

    • ex. guzman-patrick.mp4
    • ONLY change the name (in bold)
    • DO NOT change the file type (.mp4/.mpeg4)

When is the video due?

The YouTube video below is the graduation last year. The gratitude videos run from the 28:37 to 42:00 minute marks.