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Who we are

St. Genevieve Parish Schools is a private, coed Catholic PreK-12th Grade school in Panorama City, CA founded in 1951 and named after St. Genevieve, a fifth century nun. St. Gen's prepares students by providing a quality academic and moral education.

Our Goal

It is our goal that your years with us will be your own personal advent. We want for you to discover the greatness within and to realize your potential for leadership. We will do all possible so that on your graduation day, we will be sending forth the person that you have been awaiting and it will be a momentous occasion!

Mission Statement

To Know God.

To Live With Honor.

To Change The World.

About Us

St. Genevieve is a private, coed Catholic school in Panorama City, on the edge of the San Fernando Valley. We were founded in 1951 and named after St. Genevieve, a fifth century nun whose prayers saved Paris from an invasion by Attila the Hun. St. Gen's prepares students for their future by providing a quality academic and moral education.

Because we're small, our teachers, coaches and administrators give one-on-one attention to every student. No one gets lost on campus. Nobody falls through the cracks in our classes.

St. Genevieve graduates aren't only ready for college - they're prepared for life. Our alums are responsible, Christ-centered citizens. They're effective communicators, technology users and collaborative workers. They're critical thinkers, problem solvers and lifelong learners.

In short, they're young men and women of character prepared to lead.

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DATE: Saturday, May 3, 2014 - 6:00 PM

Anointed Moments

I am very pleased to introduce my new book, ANOINTED MOMENTS, an inspiring series of stories from the parents, children and communities I've been blessed to be part of, in my career as a principal in Los Angeles.

Anointed Moments: Everyday Miracles Transforming Two Schools, Thousands of People, and a Dog Named Blue

As economic distress plays out in classrooms across the country and bullying-on-the-bus expands big-time into cyberspace, teens and their parents are, more than ever before, looking for solutions to these serious, everyday challenges. Anointed Moments tells the true tales—from tearful to triumphant—of the teachers, educators, parents, and children who have been involved in transforming two struggling Catholic schools in urban Los Angeles into precedent-setting, nationally-recognized schools of distinction. These are stories of communities and schools which embrace ethics of kindness, good character, tolerance and appreciation for each others differences — characteristics that encourage respect and cooperation, and which turn out a generation of young people fully prepared to enhance the world. The book will appeal to all educators, parents, and students — whatever their zip code or faith — who want to learn how to better lift themselves and others, to be more fully present, and to live richer, more rewarding lives.

Written by Dan Horn.

Foreword by actor and director Edward James Olmos.

Now available for purchase at the high school bookstore and the Elementary front office.
To purchase online click here.

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