Financial Assistance

Our goal is to provide a quality Catholic education to any student who is desiring one.

Our Philosophy on Financial Assistance

We are strongly committed to a program that is designed to ensure that its educational offerings are made affordable to every family. Tuition assistance is more than just economic aid. It is an investment made by the school and school sponsors to support and strengthen our families and society.

Tuition Assistance

If you believe you need financial assistance do not hesitate to apply. We have the opportunity for you to apply through the Catholic Education Foundation. If you do not qualify you can apply for the financial assistance provided by the school.

Source of Financial Assistance

Our schools have small endowments as well as several benefactors who support our financial assistance efforts. As we are committed to offering as many families a St. Genevieve education as possible, we are also committed to being good stewards of the generous gifts we receive. Therefore, each school has a tuition manager who will work individually with each family applying for financial assistance. Often, when a family has children enrolled at both schools, the managers will work with your family.

Applying for Assistance

We are able to assist families with the assistance from the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF).

For those families who do not qualify and require assistance due to extenuating circumstances, we encourage you to reach out for a personal meeting with the appropriate Tuition Manager (see contacts below).

Sustaining Financial Assistance

All students receiving any type of financial aid are required to maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.00 and must consistently live the Six Pillars of Character to remain eligible.

Acknowledging Assistance

Gratitude is an important and even necessary element to a successful and happy life. Many benefactors have contributed to our pool for financial assistance. By sharing this gift with you, we hope you will share with your child what this gift implies. We believe it is important your child knows there are people in the world whose financial contribution made it possible for them to attend St. Genevieve. This information is part of their education; our hope is that the generosity of our benefactors will inspire your child to work hard while they are here and for them to carry on the tradition when they are able.

Giving Back

Our hope is when the time comes in your child’s life and they are earning a living and are able to give back, they will honor those who contributed to their education by becoming a regular supporter of St. Genevieve, paying it forward so others will have the same opportunity as they did years ago.

Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more. — Luke 12:48

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