West Side Story

This musical transplants the classic tale of “Romeo and Juliet” to New York City in the 1950s. The two feuding families are replaced by brawling street gangs.
The Montagues become the Anglo Jets, led by Riff (Dylanger Bates), and the Capulets become the Puerto Rican Sharks, led by Bernardo (Jan Oliveros). At a dance, Tony (Justin Sabino), former leader of the Jets and Riff’s best friend, and Maria (Dalilah Lutz), Bernardo’s little sister, see each other across the room and it’s love at first sight. With opposition from both sides, they meet secretly and their love grows deeper. However, the gangs are plotting one last rumble, a fight that will finally end the battle for control of the streets. Will Tony and Maria’s love carry through a battle that threatens to destroy the people they love around them?

With a young, talented cast, a gorgeous score and dance sequences that need to be seen to believe, West Side Story is a must-see!