Susan Hite

Susan Hite spent her first 15 professional years in marketing, sales and media news, and created her personal and professional development program, Susan’s Train Your Brain Series™ in 1994. Susan trademarked her TYB Series and founded Hite Resources, Inc. in 2001, which is a training company that specializes in linking behavior to results.

Since then Susan has traveled to more than 80 U.S. cities delivering professional keynote messages and training methods for associations and companies representing doctors, lawyers, nurses, educators and administrative assistants to human resources directors, engineers, software developers, scientists, managers, sales associates, athletes, executive leaders and more. Susan has also worked with county, state and federal government organizations to small business groups and large corporations ranging from such industries as software, healthcare, insurance and education to pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, service and retail.

In addition to her training and speaking privileges, she hosts her own weekly radio show on Clear Channel stations and has written and published two books.

A 1989 School of Journalism graduate of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Susan is a North Carolina native and lives in Apex, NC with her husband, Ken, and children, Harris and Holly.

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