Susan Abraham

Academic Background:
M.A., Catholic Theological Union
M.A., University of Mumbai
Ph.D., Harvard Divinity School

Current Areas of Research: Dr. Abraham’s teaching and research explores postcolonial and feminist theological practices invigorating contemporary communities of faith. Her ongoing research projects include issues in feminist theological education and formation, interfaith and inter religious peace initiatives, theology and political theory, religion and media, global Catholicism, and Christianity between colonialism and post colonialism.

Selected Publications: Co-editor of Shoulder to Shoulder: Frontiers in Catholic Feminist Theology (Fortress, 2009). Identity, Ethics, and Nonviolence in Postcolonial Theory: A Rahnerian Theological Assessment (Palgrave Macmillan, 2007)

Her publications and presentations weave practical theological insights from the experience of working as a youth minister for the Diocese of Mumbai, India, with theoretical perspectives from postcolonial theory, cultural studies, and feminist theory.