Jeff Yalden

January 20, 2020

Jeff Yalden began his career in 1992 while he was a Marine! The Lieutenant Colonel of the ROTC program at Apoka High School in Orlando, Florida asked Jeff to come speak to his ROTC cadets about leadership. Jeff loved it; the kids loved it… and thus, a career was born!

Jeff is renowned for his work in school communities working with teens, teachers, counselors, parents and families. He also routinely speaks at conferences; addressing mental health professionals and adult mental health conferences. You will also note that Jeff does speak at many colleges and universities, and corporate events too.

His message is often tailored to the degree of what the client is in need of in regards to mental health or mental hydration, as Jeff likes to call it. Each school community, client differs in where they are and what they are needing, and Jeff knows that mental health is a difficult topic to speak about and wants to assure his clients he will deliver what is expected as discussed.

His talks are centered about personal responsibility and being your own best advocate. His message largely incorporates the on-line world and how technology can affects us and can best be used for optimal well-being. He’s also an expert witness and consultant to many organizations relating to teen mental health and suicide.

Jeff Yalden is highly regarded as North America’s number one teen mental health speaker, consultant, expert witness, and advocate on mental health and suicide. He serves as a leading suicide crisis intervention expert and suicide prevention trainer, having worked with hundreds of school communities in all 50 states, 49 countries, and every Province in Canada.

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