On Thursday, June 27, 2024, St. Genevieve Schools acquired the three acres of property formerly owned by Panorama Presbyterian Church and the San Fernando Presbytery.

This incredible gift was made possible due to The Ahmanson Foundation. The foundation has a long history of supporting our schools and realized the opportunity to purchase three acres right next door as “once-in-a-

Additionally, we have established a long-term and beautiful relationship with the members of Panorama Presbyterian Church, their pastor, Rev. Dr. Darren Pollack, and members of the San Fernando Presbytery. We have leased the property where our preschool has been located for more than a decade, and their communities have come to know and appreciate the mission of our schools. In fact, their community voted to
sell to our schools for a price significantly lower than the appraised commercial market value.

The members of Panorama Presbyterian Church have voted to dissolve the church effective Sunday, September 30, 2024. However, our schools will continue to welcome their members until then, and even beyond as a symbol of our warm friendship forged over the years. We have formed a Master-Planning Committee and are working with Griffin Enright Architectural Firm as we begin to look forward. Currently, a fence is being installed to enhance security.

The future for St. Genevieve Schools is exciting!