2021 Chocolate Sale

It’s that time of year again! Whether you have a sweet tooth or know someone with a sweet tooth…we’re here to provide World’s Finest Chocolate! As a gift, a snack, or a treat…we got you covered!

Pre-order you boxes now between October 1 – October 14 with our no hassle online ordering. See the info below regarding our brand new prize program AND the top selling class gets a pizza party!

Use the button below to pre-order your boxes now!

Pre-sale: October 1 – October 14

Kick Off: October 16 – October 17

Chocolate Sales: October 18 – October 29

*Fundraising Credit of $25 to be credited back to FACTS

For questions, please email sgeschocolate@gmail.com

Parent Committee Members: Erin Fitchew, Kimberly Remulla, Patty Collyer, Vince Collyer, Bridgette Garcia.

9th & 10th Parent Meeting

Zoom meeting will begin at 6:00pm