ASB Election Results

ASB Executive Representatives 2021-2022

Congratulations to the following students who were chosen to lead in office:

2021-2022 ASB Executive Cabinet
Diane Kabukuru, President
Catherine Gernade, Vice President
Christian Avendano, Treasurer

Senior, Class of 2022
Angela Azar, President
Jason Hernandez, Vice President
Kaitlyn Steinberg, Treasurer
Arlee Vallin, Secretary

Junior, Class of 2023
Celia Batey, President
Marisol Carmona, Vice President
Alisa Barakhyan, Treasurer
Sophia Ardon, Secretary

Sophomore, Class of 2024
Annalise Ruiz, President
Briana Reyes, Vice President
Monica Gil, Secretary

Freshmen, Class of 2025
Sophia Rodriguez, President
Camille Romero, Vice President
Mark Noto, Treasurer
Isabella Garcia, Secretary

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9th & 10th Parent Meeting

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